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A novel organic innovation
to aid oral home care

In an oral clinical trial, fermented lingonberry juice significantly inhibited the growth of Candida yeasts and Streptococcus mutans bacteria. Helps dry mouth significantly by increasing saliva secretion. Diversifies the oral microbiota and promotes the growth of good bacteria. Bleeding gums and amounts of visible plaque also decreased. Mouthwash reduces the risk of caries and gingivitis and is easy to use to support self-care.


Using a patented method, the natural occurring sugar-content of the lingonberry juice has been reduced to a safe level for oral use and does not contain additives.


Our product has a CE marking and is classified as a medical device.

User instructions

For intensive treatment, the recommended period of use is two weeks at a time. Rinse mouth with 10 ml of lingonberry mouthwash twice a day for a duration of 30 seconds.

For continuous use rinse mouth with 10 ml of lingonberry mouthwash once a day for a duration of 30 seconds.


Using this product according to instruction does not increase the risk of dental erosion. Due to its organic nature, it may also be swallowed.

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